Thanos Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Figure Hitting Stores Now

Thanos has taken over your local Walmart. An exclusive Marvel Legends comic-version of the Mad Titan is hitting pegs now. This release is obviously to tie-in to Avengers: Infinity War and the release of all of the merchandise from that film. Even the first wave of Avengers figures features a build a figure version of the MCU Thanos. Hey, any excuse to get more figures of the Infinity Gauntlet-wielder.

While the packaging for Legends has been the same for a while now, this may be one of my favorite examples. The figure makes full use of the window box, with his massive frame looking like he will burst out of the front. Awesome key art on the sides, and a great photo of the figure on the back. The cherry on top of is the top flap Gauntlet logo. I hope that they use that more.

Once freed from his plastic prison, two things become very apparent right off the bat. One: this really is just a straight repaint of the old build a figure from a couple years ago. And two: this figure has the same exact issues that one had. Namely, the damn neckpiece is a pain in the butt. It does not like to stay in place, even with the peg holes in his shoulders. Move the arms or the chest much at all and it pops right off and slides around. It is really annoying. When switching heads and hands, it can also be a little hard getting the new piece to attach easily. Use a little force, but not too much. Don't go breaking any pegs.

Other than that, the figure is pretty great. Mine has great paint aps, Both headsculpts are perfect; the range of motion makes him easy to pose and make look intimidating. I love the classic look of Thanos here. I had a ton of fun beating up some heroes with him.

If you do not have the original baf, you need to have this. Even if you do have that one, this is classic Thanos. These are shipping to Walmart stores now, in full cases of six. They have not popped up for order online yet, but keep an eye here.

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