NBA 2K22 Adds Every NBA Public Announcer To The Game

2K Games is adding a bit more realism to the mix of NBA 2K22 as they have gone the extra mile for fans of every single team's home court. Whenever you attend an NBA game, over the sound system you always hear a home announcer giving you the play-by-play as well as other announcements throughout the evening. Well, that experience is now coming to the game as players will be able to listen to the real-life play-by-play commentary from every single NBA announcer from every team in the league. This includes announcers such as Tommy Edwards (Chicago Bulls), Mike Walczewski (New York Knicks), Matt Cord (Philadelphia 76ers), and more. Now when you're playing as your favorite team at home, it'll feel like a real home-court game as they call our your every play as well as your win or loss. Check out the video to see their addition.

NBA 2K22 Adds Every NBA Public Announcer To The Game
Credit: 2K Games

"After last year, I think we all have a renewed appreciation for the noise and cheers that fill an NBA arena each night," said Mike Walczewski, Public Address Announcer for the New York Knicks. "With the style and enthusiasm of every team's PA announcer now in the game, I truly feel that NBA 2K22 players will experience the thrill and the drama of stepping onto their home-court firsthand."

"From the fans to the PA announcers, each team truly has its own distinct atmosphere and energy," said Matt Cord, Public Address Announcer for the Philadelphia 76ers. "NBA 2K22 is capturing the essence of each arena to further immerse players in the sights and sounds of a true NBA experience. I'm proud that I can help bring the game to life, especially for all the Sixers fans playing, because they feed off of me and I feed off of them. They are an incredibly passionate fanbase."

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