Funko Announces Four New Pokemon Pop Vinyl Figures 

Funko Announces Four New Pokemon Pop Vinyl Figures 

Pokemon fans can rejoice once again as new pocket monsters have been announced by Funko. There will be four new figures released in this wave and some are quite interesting choices. So far we have seen four other figures come out including the original starters and two different versions of Pikachu. Funko is now expanding […]

Mewtwo & Giovanni Make Their Way Into "Pokémon Masters"

Mewtwo & Giovanni Make Their Way Into "Pokémon Masters"

Today, the Lurking Shadows event has dropped into Pokémon Masters, and with it comes two familiar faces in Mewtwo and Giovanni. The psychic-linked duo will be available from now until December 18th at 9:59pm PST. You'll be able to battle against the duo while also gaining more insight into their arrival on Pasio and their relationship with Team Break. […]

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Armored Mewtwo Arrives In "Pokémon GO" For A Limited Time

Mewtwo has returned to Pokémon GO, but probably not the way anyone wanted as he will be coming in as the armored version for a limited time. Niantic announced over the holiday that he will be appearing in Raid Battles starting on July 10th for a limited time, as you will have a chance to […]

Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Get's a New Trailer

To help bring in the new year, Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution received a brand new trailer showing off the old and new. The Pokémon Company gave us a rare treat as trailers for the new movies usually don't crop up until a couple months before their release, which is kinda done that way because they […]

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A Wild Mewtwo Appears in the Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer

Earlier today, Nintendo released a new trailer for Detective Pikachu that showed off new features, characters, and gameplay footage for the upcoming 3DS adventure. The new trailer includes an appearance by the "mysterious Mewtwo" who seems to be a little bit shady. Some of the new game elements highlighted in the trailer are: Trouble in Ryme City!: […]

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Pokémon Go Has New Rules For The Mewtwo Ex Raids

Niantic has announced new details about Pokémon Go's invitation-only exclusive Raids, including new criteria and rewards. In a blog post on Pokémon Go's official site, Niantic announced that EX Raids have passed their "field tests" and have now officially launched. Invitations will still only be sent if a player has previously completed a raid at a […]

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'Pokémon GO' Bringing Mewtwo To Exclusive Raid Battles

Those of you begging for Mewtwo to be added to Pokémon GO are about to get your wish — but probably not the way you expected. Niantic is adding a brand new system called "Exclusive Raids" that will be focused in primary cities around the world instead of randomly at any ol' gym, which will probably […]