Niantic Sends & Reverts Pokémon GO Strikes Against Players

If you're in a Pokémon GO raid chat or community, you've likely seen a member coming to the group in a panic. It happened in my own chat earlier this week, with one of the chat's most casual members sending a screenshot of a temporary ban from Niantic. The chat members and I helped him attempt to figure out the situation. Does he spoof? No, of course not. Does he utilize multiple accounts? No, and that's hard to check anyway. Any unapproved devices? Any IV-checkers that use the app's data? No. Nothing. Then, another ban hit. Then, on social media, I began to see a wave of additional bans. Something was clearly going on with Pokémon GO, and now Niantic have finally addressed it.

Pokémon GO advisory. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO advisory. Credit: Niantic

Earlier this week, Niantic took to their Twitter to post an explanation and apology to Pokémon GO players who had been unfairly penalized:

We're working on reverting strikes for some Trainers who incorrectly received punishments on their accounts. This will be done for Trainers automatically, whehter or not they have contacted us. We apologize for the error.

Now, this is quite a week for this to happen. We're in the middle of the first part of Ultra Unlock, which is easily one of the most anticipated events of the year. What I find lacking in the response is an answer as to what will be done for those trainers missing out on the event because of this random, false temporary ban. In the past, Niantic did make-up events so frequently that it almost became a meme. There was a make-up of a GO Fest 2021 make-up last year. That's an actual thing that happened. I personally believe that the trainers who were unable to play this week due to these "punishments" should get their own Ultra Unlock Part One: Time make-up where they have access to the wild spawns and raids that everyone else got to enjoy during their ban.

Niantic has done quite well at making up to the Pokémon GO community in the past, so I hope they do the right thing this time as well.

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