Nintendo E3: A Pokemon Core RPG Is Coming To Switch


At today's Nintendo E3 Conference (You Tube video?), The Pokemon Company has announced that there will be a core Pokemon RPG coming to the Nintendo Switch. While no trailers or… really anything was shown, it is in active development and may not see release for over a year. But, it is coming. It will be developed by Game Freak, who has developed every game since Red and Blue. This is a great thing for fans, as the Pokemon Direct last week left some a little cold. Tournament DX looks cool, but it is a battle game. New editions of Sun and Moon are coming as well, but just to the DS. This RPG may also be the long-rumored  Stars, which is rumored to be a port of Sun an Moon together. But, time will tell.

This will also be the first time a core Pokemon RPG title will be available on a home console as opposed to mobile. This was also one of the coolest announcements ever, as Pokémon President Mr. Ishihara just causally sat behind his desk and made one of the biggest E3 announcements like he was ordering today's lunch. I guess that is just how The Pokemon Company rolls: no panic, just giving us fans what we want. I for one cannot wait for this thing to hit, as the Switch is getting tired of Zelda and Snipper Clips. Nintendo may have just won what in my opinion has been a weak E3. Not to say that with this and a new Metroid Prime coming, Nintendo phoned it in, but they for sure did enough to win me over.

Look for more as it becomes available, and keep it locked here for more E3 coverage all week, as we have boots on the ground playing everything you want to see!

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