OPINION: City Of Mist: We See Through The Mist, And It's Great!

City Of Mist, a noir-style fantasy tabletop role-playing game by Son of Oak Games, has been on and off of the public radar for a little while now, towing that nasty little line between quite prominently visible and just obscure enough to miss. Luckily, I myself am, ideally, getting to take part in a City Of Mist RPG campaign quite soon. In the meantime, the very concepts behind the game enthrall the writer. Here's what Josh thinks about this game, on paper!

A header showcasing some of the art of City of Mist, a game by Son of Oak.
A header showcasing some of the art of City Of Mist, a game by Son of Oak.

So, at first City Of Mist definitely hits me with the classic noir-mystery tropes. This is a story about solving a murder, theft, or other crime befitting that genre. That much is clear. However, once I dug into the mechanics and general lore of the game I found something else entirely.

City Of Mist is all about a world inhabited by legendary figures – think King Arthur or the biblical Job, or even Little Red Riding Hood – who have been affected by an arcane force of nature of sorts, called The Mist, that makes them live a more mundane life than this. It's rather like The Matrix's namesake meets Once Upon A Time, perhaps. Regardless of its inspiration, City Of Mist deals with a handful of these myths and legends contending with both their roles in their stories and the humdrum of everyday living. I'm game for this.

When my prospective Master of Ceremonies (their name for a Game Master) approached me to play this, I was already the DM for our D&D campaign, Dastarque (there are a couple of articles here that link back to what I'm doing with that campaign, and I advise people to click here to look at them!). I am happy to say that when the City Of Mist campaign kicks off I'll be playing the most obvious role, or "mythos", I'd ever play for a campaign like this: Sweeney Todd, as outlined in the melodrama by Christopher Bond and as made famous most recently by the movie adaptation by Tim Burton.

I'll polish 'em off good. Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
I'll polish 'em off good. Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Of course, I'll also have to choose my "logos": The mundane life that my character has taken. I am considering my options still, but I don't think my character will be a barber – that's too blatant. Instead, I'm going for the logos of a butcher. When this game kicks off and I have more of an idea of what any of this means, updates will occur, but suffice it to say, I'm truly excited for what's to come!

Have you considered joining a City Of Mist campaign? Are you already in one, perhaps? Feel free to share your experience with the game in the comments below!

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