Outbuddies DX Is Set To Release On PS4 In Late-March

Headup Games revealed today that they will be releasing Outbuddies DX onto the PS4, as the game will drop on March 31st. The pixelated 2D adventure is essentially a love letter to Metroid-type games, as it was developed by one man's passion (developer Julian Laufer) for the genre. The game originally came out on PC back in 2019 and received rave reviews for the style and the story, along with the awesome 16-bit soundtrack that was almost a dead-ringer for the type of soundtracks being created for the NES and SEGA Genesis at that time. You can check out the latest trailer for the game down below along with more info about the game and its soundtrack before it comes out in two weeks.

What will you find at the bottom of the ocean, and how will you take it out? Courtesy of Headup Games.
What will you find at the bottom of the ocean, and how will you take it out? Courtesy of Headup Games.

Set deep in the Ocean and infested with hostile Lovecraftian creatures as well as lethal environmental hazards, you must dash, dodge, and blast through Bahlam, a danger-filled sunken fortress of the Old Gods. By deploying the robotic unit Buddy, you manipulate and scout the surroundings through hacking, scanning and telekinesis. That way you discover various ancient weapon systems and gear upgrades to battle through a gigantic sunken labyrinth. The local co-op mode allows a second player to control Buddy with an expanded tool set, perfectly suited for co-operational speed-runs. Outbuddies DX offers a nonlinear gear-based progression system for both combat and level-layouts. Selecting weapons from the four-tier upgradeable system, as well as memorization of attack patterns and split-second reflexes are essential to stand a chance against an onslaught of unforgiving bosses and to escape Bahlam's hostile maze. Outbuddies DX's unique atmosphere is supported by OGRE's thematic soundtrack written as an ode to the 16-bit Megadrive/Genesis era.

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