Overwatch's Second Winter Wonderland Event Is Now Live

Holiday time is here, and that means we are seeing all sorts of seasonal events kick off in games. None are as anticipated as Overwatch's though, which is gearing up for its second season. Last year, we got a whole lot of skins and a Mei centric mode, and… well, I hope you liked it because we are getting it again.

Winter Wonderland is now live in the game, bringing in skins, emotes, sprays, map makeovers and a new mode. Getting to the important stuff, Hanzo, Sombra, Bastion, Roadhog, Soldier 76 and Ana get ice themed skins, with Junkrat getting a summer-y one as a nice nod to Australian fans. There is also an emote of Orisa getting a puppy as a gift, and you really have to go check that one out.

Overwatch's Second Winter Wonderland Event Is Now Live

On top of this, the return of last year's Mei Snowball Showdown is now in the game, but so is Yeti Hunt. This is a game mode that pits six Meis with finding one player who is playing Winston. They will try to stop him eating meat and charging his ultimate, at which point, the Mei's have to run away. Basically, it's Evolve, which is not where I thought Blizzard would be pulling from.

You can check out the event's launch trailer here to get a nice look at everything you can now mess around with.

Winter Wonderland will run from today to January 1 on all platforms.