PaizoCon Will Be Online Due To COVID-19, Will Happen May 26-31

Paizo, the minds behind such tabletop role-playing games as Pathfinder and Starfinder, have announced that their annual convention, PaizoCon, will be held online this year due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes after an announcement on March 27th stating that the convention would be canceled outright.

The Paizo Golem, Paizo's mascot, gearing up for PaizoCon.
The Paizo Golem, Paizo's mascot, gearing up for PaizoCon.

What this convention includes is a number of web-seminars and live play via Twitch, Warhorn-scheduled games to be run via Roll20 and other virtual tabletop interfaces, and a Discord server where participants can chat with each other about Paizo's latest exploits and other such topics. The best part is that, unlike PaizoCon proper, this online convention is entirely free for registration! What a fantastic opportunity, both to play and to network with other players around the globe.

At this time, Paizo is actively looking for Game Masters to moderate and run their game tables on a virtual basis. If you think you have what it takes, you can register via Warhorn between now and May 13th at noon PDT.

The release for this event is below.

Paizo is excited to announce that PaizoCon 2020 will be online! The annual game convention of all-things-Paizo, originally scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend in Seattle, will fall-back, regroup, and expand to six days of gaming at a safe social distance online May 26-31.

The event will include seminars and live-plays on Twitch, games scheduled via Warhorn and run on a variety of VTT platforms such as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, and D20Pro, an official PaizoCon Online Discord server as a general hangout for con-goers, plus blogs on, and more!

A PaizoCon Online 2020 homepage with schedules, game registration, and more details is scheduled to go live on May 1. Players can create a account and get an organized play number in preparation today. GMs can sign up at Warhorn. For more information, email

An illustrated action shot from Pathfinder, done by Wayne Reynolds.
An illustrated action shot from Pathfinder, done by Wayne Reynolds.

What do you think of Paizo's plans? Are you excited for PaizoCon? Let us know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below!

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