Paradox Interactive is Bringing Stellaris to Consoles

Paradox Interactive is Bringing Stellaris to Consoles

Paradox Interactive announced just ahead of Gamescom this week that they're bringing grand strategy sci-fi game Stellaris to PS4 and Xbox One. In order to make Stellaris: Console Edition the first ever grand strategy game to hit consoles, Paradox Development Studio teamed up with Tantalus Media. The console version of the game is playable this week at Gamescom in Hall 9.1 A-060.

Stellaris: Console Edition will feature the same deep strategy gameplay, rich and diverse alien races, emergent storytelling, and complexity of the PC original. Just with thumbsticks instead of a keyboard and mouse. Players will be able to choose between standard and deluxe editions which will include Stellaris version 1.7 with a consistent rollout of popular DLC packs shortly after. The Deluxe edition will include the Plantoids Species PackLeviathans Story Pack, and the Utopia Expansion as they are released.

"Grand Strategy is often considered a niche genre even on the PC, but we believe that while a console audience exists, a game like Stellaris simply hasn't made it to those platforms yet. With the help of Tantalus' expertise, we're happy to take that leap!" said Daniel Moregård, Game Director at Paradox Interactive. "Console players can look forward to the true Grand Strategy experience and continued DLC and support after launch with Stellaris: Console Edition."

Stellaris is a sci-fi grand strategy game from the galactic conquerors at Paradox Development Studio, which allows players to take their personalized empire on their first steps outside of their home system and spread their race across the universe – by diplomacy or by force. Since the game's launch in May 2016, Stellaris has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC.

You can check out the Stellaris: Console Edition trailer below.

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