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Stellaris: Console Edition Launches Fourth Expansion Pass
Paradox Interactive has launched the fourth expansion pass for Stellaris: Console Edition this week with a ton of content This expansion brings in the Federations content for those of you who have been missing talking about politics This content offers players expanded diplomatic capabilities, along with the power to establish a powerful galactic senate You[...]
Stellaris Receives Multiple Updates During Paradox Insider Stream
During the Paradox Insider event today, the crew at Paradox Interactive revealed multiple announcements revolving around Stellaris First and foremost, the big news was that the latest expansion for the game simply called Nemesis will officially go live on April 15th, 2021 The new content will give fans some of the most powerful tools ever[...]
Stellaris Announces Latest Full Featured Expansion "Nemesis"
Paradox Interactive revealed this week that Stellaris will be getting a brand new expansion by the name of Nemesis On the surface, it feels like a regular update for the game, but there's a little more going on here beyond what's in text This addition to the game will apparently grant fans the most powerful[...]
Stellaris: Console Edition Receives The MegaCorp DLC
Stellaris: Console Edition just got a new addition to the game this week as players can now download the MegaCorp DLC The expansion will run you $20, but it includes a ton of content that is business-focused, giving you access to new ways to make a name for yourself in the galaxy You will be given[...]
Stellaris: Console Edition Is Getting A New Expansion In June
Paradox Interactive has revealed that there will be one more expansion pack on the way for Stellaris: Console Edition's Expansion Pack Two The devs revealed in an announcement, which we have for you below, that they will be releasing the Humanoids Species Pack and Apocalypse Expansion together as one package expansion, which will be released[...]
"Stellaris" Announces Two New Expansions At PDXCON 2019
During PDXCON 2019, Paradox Interactive revealed that Stellaris would be getting two new expansions, each with their own unique content The first of the bunch is Federations, which will bring in a new way of building up your empire by starting from your origins, exploring space, and forming a union with other species for a[...]
The Utopia Expansion is Coming to Stellaris on Console
Paradox Interactive and Tantalus Media have  announced that the Utopia expansion for Stellaris: Console Edition will launch on August 13th, 2019 This expansion includes new customization features that will allow players to greatly diversify their empire options. Stellaris on console puts the complexity of running a galactic empire and exploring the mysteries of the cosmos at your thumbsticks[...]
Paradox Interactive Announces Stellaris: Ancient Relics DLC
Paradox Interactive announced that Stellaris' upcoming story pack, Ancient Relics, will launch June 4th, 2019 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Ancient Relics will add two new Precursor civilizations to investigate, forgotten Relic Worlds to explore, and more archaeological treasures to unearth Which makes it Learn more with a feature breakdown trailer from our Game Director, Daniel Moregard below. can't[...]
Paradox Interactive Announces Stellaris: Ancient Relics DLC
Paradox Interactive has announced a new story DLC pack for their grand strategy sci-fi game called Stellaris: Ancient Relics, which will add two new Precursors for players to investigate, forgotten Relic Worlds to explore, and several archaeological treasures to unearth Called Ancient Relics, the new DLC is focused on the past civilizations of the Stellaris universe, particularly[...]
Stellaris is Free on Steam This Weekend for its Third Anniversary
Paradox Interactive is hosting a free weekend for sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris this weekend in celebration of the game's third anniversary The game will be free to download and play on Steam from today, May 9th through May 12th. Stellaris has seen nearly constant updates since launching in 2016, making the game bigger, deeper, and more[...]
Romero Games and Paradox Partnering for a New Strategy IP
Brenda Romero and John Romero, known for their successful work with Doom, Quake, Jagged Alliance, and Wizardry 8 are bringing their decades of development expertise to the partnership while Paradox Interactive is bringing their strategy expertise from games like Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings II, and Stellaris. That said, we know very little about the game or the IP[...]
Stellaris: Console Edition will Release in Early 2019
Paradox Interactive announced today that Stellaris: Console Edition will be launching in the first quarter of 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 As you might have guessed, Stellaris: Console Edition is the same deep strategy game as released on PC, just adapted to work with a controller There has been no announcement yet for Stellaris on[...]
Paradox Interactive is Bringing Stellaris to Consoles
Paradox Interactive announced just ahead of Gamescom this week that they're bringing grand strategy sci-fi game Stellaris to PS4 and Xbox One In order to make Stellaris: Console Edition the first ever grand strategy game to hit consoles, Paradox Development Studio teamed up with Tantalus Media The console version of the game is playable this week at[...]