VR Game 'Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul' Has A Release Date

VR Game 'Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul' Has A Release Date

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul will arrive August 15th on PlayStation VR.

Already available on Steam Early Access, the Paranormal Activity VR game is based on the movie franchise's mythology. That said, The Lost Soul doesn't focus on any particular installment, so you don't need to have seen every spinoff and sequel to enjoy it. This is its own story, which is nice.

The VR game places players in an average home set in the woods, and unsurprisingly, there's something scary lurking there.

Developer VRWERX is promising support for Paranormal Activity: The Last Soul after release, saying updates are in the works for the horror game.

You can watch the game's teaser trailer below.

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