People Are Selling Phones With Fortnite For Thousands Of Dollars

Need a fix for mobile Fortnite and can't wait for things to get cleared up? There's an expensive option on eBay. Eurogamer was the first to report that people have been selling their mobile devices on the auction website for some of the most ridiculous prices around, with some nearly breaking the $10k marker. After both Apple and Google pulled the battle royale game from their stores over the controversy of not selling items through their platform to take the percentage cut they take on all games, people have been looking for a way to play the game on mobile devices in the way of its removal. On the bright side, if you still have the game downloaded to your phone, you can still play it. But for those who are just starting or may have removed it, you're completely out of luck until the situation gets resolved.

Last week, Apple and Google removed the Fortnite app from their stores. Credit: ouh_desire /
Last week, Apple and Google removed the Fortnite app from their stores. Credit: ouh_desire /

Seeing how this creates a weird window for opportunity, hundreds of people around the world have gone online to sell their old mobile devices that still have Fortnite loaded up. Normally, these phones used wouldn't even get a matching bid to their low selling point. But now that they have a game that people can't access, they're as good as gold in some people's eyes. And if you think people are too smart to buy them, think again, as some of the lower-bid phones have already sold around the tune of $1,500-$2,700. While no one can really predict the future, buying one of these phones if Fortnite never returns to mobile may make them a rarity. Sort of, if you don't count the millions who already have it on their devices. We'll see how things go over the next few months now that Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Apple, but if you're looking to make some quick cash off your phone for a couple grand, now seems to be a seller's market.

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