Pixel Princess Blitz Receives a Brand New Trailer

Laze Games has been hard at work putting together their indie title Pixel Princess Blitz. After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the company has released the first trailer for the game as they work toward release. The RPG will be running off the idea that once you die, that is the end of your game with no continues, forcing you to start from scratch if you aren't careful in your journey. The game is in the works for all major platforms, but are currently working toward an alpha release sometime this year.

The once great Kingdom of Verad lies in total chaos. Verad was invaded and conquered by Irsil 12 years ago, but scattered sections of the Resistance army is still bringing the fight to the Irsilian oppressors. But according to some rumors, the insurgency isn't the only thing to be concerned about. There is talk of undeads creeping across the lands, and monsters from old fairy tales returning to this realm, sending their Wildren minions ahead to spread panic, and even a dark ritual to bring doom upon the world is going on in the heart of Verad…  And as always, not many believe these stories.

In this grave age, you assume the role of Kuruna, a young strider who travels far distances on a regular basis to help people in need. One day, you receive reports of suspicious Wildren activities in the province of Hummingwoods, and venture out to investigate the situation. What has started as a simple patrol mission for Kuruna, would soon turn into an epic journey that would decide on the fate of the realm.

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