Not Sure How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? The Devs Have You Covered

Not Sure How to Play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? The Devs Have You Covered

If you checked out the closed beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, or even just checked out a couple gameplay videos, it should be pretty obvious that the game plays very differently from your average fighting game.

Dissidia replaces part of the twitchy reflex intensive action with a set of decently complicated gameplay mechanics to give it more of a tactical depth that other fighters. However, those mechanics need to be learned, and many players will find themselves confused if they tackle the game like they would Street Fighter or Tekken. Let's be real: no Final Fantasy game is a hardcore reflex-testing action game. They always come down to understanding the mechanics and being able to do the complex dodge-attack-dodge dance correctly to make it through the end of the fight. So naturally Dissidia is no different.

In order to help players out, Square Enix released three videos today that teach you the basic mechanics, including the various kind of attacks, the four overarching classes (vanguard, assassin, sniper, and specialist) and how to best utilize your team's summon.

While this is by no means all you'll need to learn in order to dominate the game, it does provide a good starting point. The videos also pretty well made and include some adorable chibi graphics. Because who doesn't love tiny cartoon versions of your favorite FF characters?

If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out the recent tease of the first six DLC characters, the full roster of characters that will appear at launch, the cup noodles ad campaign, the full list of PS4 trophies available in the game, and the collector's edition and pre-order bonuses.

 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launched in Japan today, meanwhile North America and Europe will have to wait for January 30th to get their hands on the PS4 exclusive. You can watch the tutorial videos below.

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