Pokémon GO Event Review: November 2022 Community Days

Pokémon GO hosted two Community Day events in November 2022. First, we had Community Day Classic: Dreaming of Dratini which harkened back to one of the first-ever Community Day Pokémon. Then, our normal Community Day featured Teddiursa. Let's see if these two events made for an exciting November.

Teddiursa Community Days graphic. Credit: Pokémon GO
Teddiursa Community Days graphic. Credit: Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Community Day Classic: Dreaming of Dratini

Dratini, which was one of the first-ever Community Day focus species, was the perfect choice for a Community Day Classic. Dratini is a rare spawn outside of events focused on Dragon-types, so this was a rare chance for both new and vet players to earn Candy XL to power up your Dragonites. I hope we continue to get Pseudo-Legendaries chosen for Community Day Classic events.

November Community Day Classic: Teddiursa

Teddiursa was already released in its Shiny form, which some may have thought of as a bummer. However, we were able to get not only a new Shiny but an entirely new species out of this added to Pokémon GO. Before 2022, Teddiursa would evolve into Ursaring and that would be the end of that. Then, Legends: Arceus unlocked a new evolution that was lost to time: Ursaluna. Ursaluna was the big release of Teddiursa Community Day and because Teddiursa had already had its Shiny form and Shadow forms unlocked, it was fun to evolve up a Shiny Ursaluna and a Shadow Ursaluna on release day.

Pokémon GO has been including extra bonuses for Community Day events ever since we saw the extended time length of Community Days from COVID times cut back to normal. These bonuses, which include both the standard bonus on top of extra features, additional trades, and more are far more beneficial than just a few more hours of spawns.

Overall, both November 2022 Community Days brought fun and excitement to Pokémon GO for new players and veterans alike.

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