Pokémon GO Snivy Community Day: April 2021 Review

Yesterday was Snivy Community Day in Pokémon GO. Did this event, which brought back the tradition of giving Grass-type Starters access to Frenzy Plant on Community Day, live up to the hype of the Pokémon GO Community Days of olde? Let's take a look and see.

Snivy in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Snivy in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What worked for this Pokémon GO event:

  • Snivy! It's been too long since a Starter has gotten a true feature (Charmander getting a second Community Day doesn't count) so it's great to see Snivy here returning Community Day to some semblance of what trainers have long expected it to be.
  • Frenzy Plant: Niantic didn't pull any fast ones here. After a year of questionable Community Day moves, they did the right thing by giving Serperior its deserved Charged Attack of Frenzy Plant.
  • The bonus: Triple Stardust is always appreciated.

What didn't work for this Pokémon GO event:

  • The Timed Research and the Community Day Box: Now, the Community Day Boxes have never been worth it. They are consistently among the worst deals in the shop. However, the ticked Community Day Special Researches used to offer more to trainers in Pokémon GO. While they're still technically a good deal compared to the individual cost of the items they're offering, the consistent nerfing of worth without lowering the price is a bad and noticeable habit that Niantic seems to lean further and further into as time goes on.
  • Unova Week: This makes Niantic's decision to release Shiny Snivy during a random event earlier this year in Pokémon GO seem even worse. If they'd have only waited, this already great Community Day would've been even better. Note, though, that this isn't a point against Snivy Community Day as an event but rather Niantic's poor planning as a whole.


While Niantic's planning and special deals in the shop leave a lot to be desired, Snivy Community Day reminder the player base what Community Day in Pokémon GO used to be: an event to anticipate. Hopefully, they'll keep it that way.

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