Pokémon TCG Announces Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022

The Pokémon Company International and Creatures Inc. have announced a new contest that will invite fans of the Pokémon TCG to contribute artwork for the potential to be featured as an upcoming promo card. The Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest 2022 will invite talented collectors from both Japan and the United States to participate in their respective versions of the contest. This marks the first time that this contest will be available to Trainers in the United States.

Illustration Contest 2022. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Illustration Contest 2022. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Barry Sams, vice president of the Pokémon TCG at The Pokémon Company International, spoke on this exciting new competition:

"With this contest, Trainers will have the unique opportunity of having their Pokémon art be viewed all over the world. I continue to be in awe of the passion, creativity, and diversity of the Pokémon community, and expanding the Pokémon Trading Card Game Illustration Contest to the US will offer exciting new perspectives of the Pokémon we know and love."

The competition includes an interesting task for artists. Here's what these potential Pokémon TCG-official illustrators will be asked to contribute:

Interested Trainers will be asked to capture "the daily life of Pokémon," which is the official contest theme, and to choose from the following Pokémon as the focal point of their submission: Bulbasaur, Charizard, Pikachu, Arcanine, Galarian Rapidash, Scizor, Greninja, and Cramorant. Entries will be accepted beginning on October 13, 2021, through January 31, 2022, with winners announced in summer 2022.

This contest begins shortly after the release of one of the most significant releases in the franchise's history: Celebrations, the 25th Anniversary set which will begin to roll out in branded products starting on October 8th, 2021. The set will include the main set made up of all holo cards including a highly coveted Shiny Mew Gold Card, a subset of reprints showcasing significant cards from the history of the TCG, and SWSH Black Star Promos that resurrect old, classic Pokémon TCG mechanics including Light, Dark, Lv.X, STAR, and more.

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