Pokémon TCG Base Set & Other Vintage Cards Are Still Attainable

The attention on Pokémon TCG is higher than ever… especially on vintage. Influencers such as Logan Paul, Logic, Steve Aoki, and more are driving the value of cards up merely by being involved, with Paul in particular setting record high prices with his Base Set box breaks. While it may seem to many collectors as if vintage cards are quickly becoming unobtainable, that isn't exactly the case. Sealed product, PSA 10s, Shadowless, and First Edition, are going through the roof, yes. However, the market doesn't exist solely on the absolute highest end of the spectrum. Collectors are still able to bid on and obtain amazing vintage Pokémon cards at a range of grades, from the lower end to high grades, by picking their price, sticking to it, and taking a chance. Heritage Auctions features comic book art, video games, and, yes, Pokémon cards on their marketplace weekly, so all it takes is keeping an eye out. Right now, for example, there is a bundle featuring two Base Set holo rare cards, a Base Set Pikachu, and a Base Set 2 Clefairy holo that is available for bidding today. FOMO cannot drive the collector's market. It's not always about a perfectly graded card. Sometimes, it's about getting a piece of nostalgia preserved and added to your collection forever. The market must, instead of fear, be driven by collectors seeking out cards that they want and bidding at a price that makes sense for them — and these can be yours today.

Pokémon cards up for bid. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Pokémon cards up for bid. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Pokémon Unlimited Base Set and Base Set 2 Trading Cards Group of 4 (Wizards of the Coast, 1999-2000) CGC Graded.

Do you have a soft spot for Generation I Pokémon? If you answered yes then we have the lot for you! This lot includes Nidoking #11 (Base Set Holo Ex/NM+ 6.5), Ninetales #12 (Base Set Holo Excellent+ 5.5), Pikachu #58 (Base Set-Yellow Cheek Excellent+ 5.5), and Clefairy #6 (Base Set 2 Holo VG/Ex+ 4.5). The artwork was done by Ken Sugimori and Mitsuhiro Arita. Not listed on the SMR Price Guide.

You can bid for this set of Pokémon cards over at Heritage Auctions right now. Best of luck if you're shooting your shot!

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