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Pokémon TCG Full Set Of 1st Edition Base Set Auction At Heritage
Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas, that primarily deals in comics, video games, trading cards, and other collectible items, has put a full set of 1st Edition Base Set cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game up for auction! The Base Set is a very sought-after set to collect in the Pokémon TCG, and[...]
Pokémon TCG 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box Up For Bid
This is the set that started it all. Base Set introduced the Pokémon TCG to the United States in 2019, kicking off one of the most popular hobbies in the world with a killer selection of cards With artwork by legends like lead Pokémon artist and designer Ken Sugimori and the King of Pokémon himself, Mitsuhiro Arita, Base[...]
TCG Spotlight: Some of the Best Bulbasaur Pokémon Cards
We'd love to hear from you, so chime in with your top Bulbasaur picks in the comments below. Base set Bulbasaur Credit: WOTC We begin with, of course, the Base Set Bulbasaur This card features artwork from the long-time TCG artist Mitsuhiro Arita Arita's work is the subject of a new wave of collector appreciation this weekend after a guy[...]
Pokémon TCG Demo Pack Up For Auction At Heritage Auctions
The cards are "shadowless," according to Heritage Auctions' listing for the auction, meaning they are much more valuable than the traditional cards from Base Set According to the auction's description: These Demo Packs were used to introduce the Pokémon Trading Card Game into the United States and not intended for public sale The pack includes 24[...]
Pokémon TCG 1st Ed. Base Set Booster Box Auctioning At Heritage
Base Set Pokémon cards are and have been a huge deal for collectors, both nowadays and in the recent past YouTube influencer Logan Paul's recent flaunting of a $150,000 1st Edition Charizard card during his exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather has surely caused extra buzz surrounding the set However, when it comes to the grand jewel[...]
Pokémon Japanese Base Set Booster Box Up For Auction At Heritage
Heritage Auctions, a Dallas, Texas-based auction house that deals primarily in comics, video games, trading cards, and collectibles of all manner, has put a sealed Japanese booster box of the Pokémon Trading Card Game's Base Set up for auction, in hopes that the franchise's popularity is still intact for collectors today Prospective bidders have until[...]
Pokémon Unlimited Base Set Box Break Happening At Heritage Auctions
At Heritage Auctions, a Dallas, Texas-based auction house well known for their dealings in comics, video games, trading cards, and other collectibles of a similar nature, an auction is well underway for a box break of Unlimited Base Set Pokémon Trading Card Game packs 36 packs from a singular booster box are each individually up[...]
Pokémon TCG Unlimited Base Set Box Up For Auction At Heritage
It's that time again, collectors of all things Pokémon: Heritage Auctions, renowned comics, collectibles, and gaming auction site based in Dallas, Texas, is auctioning off a great many Pokémon Trading Card Game items, including single cards, booster boxes, and booster packs! In particular, they have put a delightfully-rare unlimited booster box of Base Set on auction[...]
A Vintage Opportunity for Grass-type Pokémon Trainers
Influencers such as Logan Paul, Logic, Steve Aoki, and more are driving the value of cards up merely by being involved, with Paul in particular setting record high prices with his Base Set box breaks While it may seem to many collectors as if vintage cards are quickly becoming unobtainable, that isn't exactly the case[...]
Calling All Pokémon TCG Collectors! THE Charizard Card Hits Auction
Though, the set that never lost the hype and interest from collectors and investors alike is the Base Set of the Pokémon TCG, which was the first wave of Pokémon cards from Wizards of the Coast, the company that was responsible for the first few generations of sets Now, collectors can bid for a First[...]
Calling All Pokémon TCG Collectors! THE Charizard Card Hits Auction
It has always been about Charizard, hasn't it? Ever since the release of the very first set of Pokémon Cards from Wizards of the Coast in 1999, known as the Base Set, Charizard has been the most coveted card in the entire set Even looking at the Base Set Charizard can inspire intense nostalgia, but[...]
Heritage Auctions Off Sealed Pokémon Base Set Box For Record Price
Heritage Auctions, a collectibles-specialized auction house based in Dallas, TX, has done it again. The lid of the first edition Pokémon Trading Card Game Base Set booster box sold by Heritage Auctions for an astounding $360,000. In an auction they held just a week ago, Heritage has officially sold a sealed booster box of Base Set from[...]
Pokémon: In Truly Feel-Good Moment, Man Opens 1st Edition Charizard
A rare, first edition Base Set Charizard from the original Pokémon Trading Card Game is on auction right now at Heritage Auctions It is currently on the block for $8,750 USD (as of the time of writing) and is graded at a Mint 9 grade and the auction ends on July 9th. The artwork for the[...]