Pokémon TCG Product Review: Opening Trainer's Toolkit 2021

The second Pokémon TCG: Trainer's Toolkit has been released. Is this box designed just for players, or is there anything for collectors to get out of this one? I have a Toolkit on hand to open for Bleeding Cool readers, so let's take a look at what's inside.

Trainer's Toolkit 2021. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Trainer's Toolkit 2021. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The Promos

The inside of this is very Elite Trainer Box in style, which you know if you were able to get your hands on 2020's red version of this box. This is quite similar, as it includes sleeves (low-quality matte that's not good for either displaying or shuffling), damage counters, a hefty stack of Energy Cards, and a selection of mostly trainers from Sword & Shield era sets. There are three promo cards exclusive to this Toolkit, which include:

  • SWSH110: Crobat V
  • SM245: Mismagius
  • SM246: Sabrina & Brycen

The Crobat V is the star of the Toolkit, but I personally think it's very cool and very weird that we're still getting new Sun & Moon promos. Just note, though, when you open this that the promos are not all at the front. The Mismagius is in the back and is very easy to miss, so collectors should be sure to pull that before putting the rest in bulk.

My one issue with the promos is that almost all modern Black Star Promos are holographic, so it felt a bit cheap to not have the two new Sun & Moon promos be holo. No big deal, though, as I'm just happy to have them.

The Pokémon TCG Packs

There are four packs in total: one Sword & Shield base, one Vivid Voltage, and two Chilling Reign. I didn't pull anything crazy from these, with the best hit being a Celebi Amazing Rare from Vivid, but I found this to be a pretty decent pack selection for a product with just four offerings.


If you are a beginning player hoping to get a boost to your competitive game, this may be a box for you. Otherwise, completionist collectors may be better off looking for the promo cards on the secondary market and focus your in-store purchases on the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection or just buying the packs themselves separately. This one is pretty much intended for players and it excels in leaning toward that demographic.

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