Porygon & Charmander Win Pokémon GO Community Day Vote

Well… we called it. Porygon and Charmander swept this weekend's Community Day vote in Pokémon GO, with the other contenders Caterpie and Grimer earning under ten percent of the total vote between the two of them. As the clear first-place winner, Porygon will be up first, with its Community Day in September, with the runner-up Charmander getting its day in October, likely leading into Niantic's annual Halloween Event in Pokémon GO.

Porygon and Charmander Win Pokémon GO Community Day Vote. Credit: Niantic
Porygon and Charmander Win Pokémon GO Community Day Vote. Credit: Niantic

Porygon Community Day will be Sunday, September 20, 2020. It will feature the first time ever Shiny release of this Generation One Pokémon's evolutionary line, which consists of Porygon2 and Porygon-Z. Porygon-Z will receive, when evolved up during Community Day hours, the Normal-type Charged Move Tri-Attack. There's nothing in the game's data that has revealed how Tri-Attack will perform, but it is expected to be a choice move because it will have the potential to decrease PVP opponents' Attack and Defense.

Then, the runner up gets its time to shine… again. Charmander Community Day II, the first time ever that a Pokémon will get a repeat day in this history of the game, will be Saturday, October 17, 2020. When evolved up to Charmeleon and then the ultimate form of Charizard, Charizard will receive the Dragon-type Fast Attack of Dragon Breath. This will give the Fire/Flying-type Charizard a leg up over Dragon-type Pokémon, as they will be weak to its Fast Attack while Charizard is not, in turn, weak to Dragons. (Until it's evolved up to Mega Charizard X, so be aware of that, as Niantic is planning to roll out Megas soon.)

This vote, as well as the vote that saw Weedle taking first place, sends a notable message from the Pokémon GO fanbase to Niantic: dedicated trainers want Community Days to feature Pokémon whose Shiny forms have not yet been released. Charmander won because of its sheer popularity and the incoming Megas, but Porygon and Weedle winning their respective votes is something that Niantic should consider when finalizing the candidates for the next Community Day.

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