Potential Destiny 3 Leak Says Production Has Started with a Focus on Darker RPG Elements

An infamous leaker with a great track record has taken to Reddit with apparent details on a more hardcore and darker Destiny 3.


It's not quite clear what Destiny's future looks like after the next three planned DLCs. The series could do another expansion, a la Rise of Iron from the first year 3, but there are also murmurs that Destiny 3 might come a little early and launch next September. Heck, we could just get expansions for the next few years. However, with Forsaken going over so well right now, things are looking really rosy for Destiny 2 right now.

However, that doesn't mean we can't get excited about potential rumours about the next base instalment of the franchise, and we have gotten a few of those to mull over. A serial leaker on the Destiny Reddit with a great track record, AnontheNine, has potentially let us in on some interesting details regarding Destiny 3. First up, is that the game has started production, but is still early on in development. It claims Destiny 3 will have Destiny 2's live director Christopher Barrett in charge too, with Luke Smith still in a prominent position.

Perhaps more importantly, if true, Bungie is going to be moving away from the launch of Destiny 2 even further. The title came under big criticism at launch for its focus on making the seriesmuch more accessible. AnontheNine says that isn't the case for Destiny 3, with the developer, at least currently, wanting to make a more hardcore and RPG focused experience. He said:

Just know that D3 will be even more "hardcore-y" than Forsaken. And finally they're going to push the rpg side of the game.

In another post, he added:

D2 vanilla was their idea from beginning. The "reboot" didnt change that, the game was born to be for casuals. If D3 will really have the idea they want to implement, trust me, a lot of Guardians who play 2 hours per week will abandon the game. They are going balls out with the rpg stuff.

There is another interesting, more specific piece of information included here, which would have big implications for the lore of Destiny as a whole, but also the moment to moment flow. The leaker claims the game will allow Guardians to make use of the Darkness. As we've been playing on the side of the Light through the entire franchise, that would be a big shift. Seemingly though, this would lead to PvPvE open world zones. He said:

Guardians using darkness. OW areas PvPvE.

Of course, it's important to say, none of this is confirmed. Having said that, especially with that last point, it makes sense. If you've been following the lore, and especially stuff said in recent weeks, the manipulation or choice to use Darkness doesn't seem too out of place. On top of that, with Gambit showing the real power of PvPvE in Destiny, it doesn't seem wild for the game to begin focusing on that further in the broader experience. Also, the game seems to be very interested in making a more hardcore experience stuffed with long, end-game tails at the moment, so the focus shifting towards that would also make sense.

Worth reiterating again, none of this is confirmed and we only have the word of (a well track recorded) leaker on the internet. That being said, these details certainly  make for interesting reading.