PUBG Mobile Will Be Celebrating the Game's One-Year Anniversary

Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of PUBG Mobile with some special additions to the game. Starting off with a one-year anniversary party on Spawn Island where players will be able to celebrate with fireworks and randomly spawned cakes. There will be enhancements to the Battle Pass, another weapon addition with the C36C rifle to Vikendi and the Tukshai buss to Sanhok, and possibly some new cosmetics that have yet to be announced. The company hasn't given a solid date as to when all this will take place, but they've released some additional info and a trailer for it all.

PUBG Mobile Will Be Celebrating the Game's One-Year Anniversary
credit//PUBG Corp.

The newly-launched version is the tenth iteration of the game since its launch, reflecting PUBG Mobile's emphasis on providing players with variety and improvements. This update includes a range of enhancements to the game's landscape, weaponry, and vehicles. Players can celebrate the one-year anniversary of PUBG Mobile in the game by holding birthday parties with fireworks on Spawn Island. They can also find randomly-spawned cakes within a match for a special surprise.

There are also enhancements to the Royale Pass, including the ability to view pass rankings of entire regions and friends, as well as receiving more points for weekly challenges with just a single tap. Subscription plans are also part of the update and will be available in early April. Plans include Prime and Prime Plus, which feature Royale Pass points, steep crate discounts, and more benefits. Additional items included in this version are the Vikendi-exclusive G36C rifle, which fires 5.56mm rounds and can be equipped with stocks. A new vehicle in this update is the Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus that's exclusive for the Sanhok desert-theme map area.

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