Riot Games Updates Company Site to Emphasize "Fair and Equitable" Processes

League of Legends developer Riot Games has had some internal issues in the past, mostly revolving around accusations of sexist hiring practices and creating an environment where female employees are put at a disadvantage. After issuing a mass apology statement on their blog, the company planned to revamp their recruitment methods and train their current staff to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Since, Riot Games has mostly flown under the radar while changing around their corporate culture. Finally, we have an idea of how things are going at the company thanks to an updated company values statement on the Riot Games recruitment site. After speaking with their staff (referred to as Rioters), it appears the company plans to focus on creating a more supportive environment. The updated values statement includes a "fair and equitable processes" clause as a reflection of the company's new management processes. After all, they did bring on former Uber-executive Frances Frei to help with operations and create a plan to increase diversity at the company.

The new Riot Games company values statement reads:

Our values are our north star; the guide to who we want to be. They're what we look to for help when we fall short of our goals, and the lens we use to evaluate every decision we make.

In 2012 we wrote our manifesto: a statement of who we believed we were as a young company still at the beginning of its journey. It served us well for many years, but didn't evolve along with us. Today, we need values that represent who we want to be for our next chapter.

We cocreated our values with more than 1,700 Rioters globally, asking them who we need to be to deliver on our promise to players. To make these values true, we promise to institutionalize these values throughout Riot, so they become a part of every Rioter's daily reality:

• We will continually invest in cultivating an environment where each and every Rioter is able to thrive and reach their peak performance.

• We will strive for fair and equitable processes that Rioters can rely on.

• Our leaders will live the values and actively promote them within their teams.

Our ambition is that Riot will be the best place to work for all those who are passionate about our mission.

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