Rock Band VR Hits March 23rd

Courtesy of The Verge
Courtesy of The Verge

Harmonix revealed that Rock Band VR will be available on March 23rd for Oculus Rift. Pre-orders are already available for the VR bundle on Amazon, probably ready to hit a Gamestop near you later today.

The release date trailer features actual footage of the Rock Band VR gameplay, which is cool but somewhat misleading as we're all watching it on typical screens and not on a VR headset.

That said, it looks like the sort of fun you'd have at the typical friend gathering where you're playing Rock Band anyway, just slightly more isolating.

March 23rd is just around the corner so, you may want to get your pre-order ready. Or bet that its going to be a buggy mess and wait a good six months until you buy it. Whichever you prefer.

Personally, I'll be doing neither.

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