Sega Announces the MegaDrive Mini in Japan

Some fun and interesting news out of Japan this morning at Sega announces they will be releasing their own mini version of the iconic MegaDrive (the Sega Genesis in North America) for the console's 30th Anniversary. The MegaDrive Mini (which is the temporary name) will basically be their officially company-created version, but they didn't go into details over the amount of space, number of games, online capabilities, etc. It also came with the news that many old-school titles from the console would be making their way to the Nintendo Switch.

Now you're probably wondering two things. First, will there be a Genesis version for the west? And second, why would I purchase that when there's already one on the market from AtGames? Right now, the company made no announcement about a Genesis version, but considering the console's popularity in the States, they'd be foolish not to do it. As to the one we already have here, back when it came out we tried to get a review copy along with hundreds of other outlets, but AtGames wouldn't budge. Shortly after release, we figured out the reason why: it's kind of a piece of trash. As indicated by reviews from IGN, Polygon, and Kotaku. We get why Sega and Atari hooked up with the company, so they had something to compete with the NES and SNES Classic versions, but in the end, they were heavily panned.

So don't be shocked if you see Sega wanting to undo all of that poor publicity over the licensed one with an official one in North America.

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