Sony Announces New PSVR Game "Humanity" On "State Of Play"

Today during the State Of Play livestream, Sony announced a new PSVR title from Enhance and Tha* by the name of Humanity. The game looks pretty interesting as it puts human behavior into weird little scenarios. While there's no hard information on the game, Yugo Nakamura, the founder of Tha* LTD., posted an entry on the PlayStation Blog to talk about the game. Well, kinda. It reads much more abstract than what you might expect for a game description. We have a snippet below along with the trailer as we wait for more details on the game.

Sony Announces New PSVR Game "Humanity" On "State Of Play"
Credit: Enhance

Human Behavior Simulation

I began to imagine a "human behavior simulation," something these transcendental beings would create after observing and interpreting us. I couldn't stop thinking about it until finally one day, three years ago, I started actually creating it, along with others at my company, Tha. In the beginning, nothing was set in stone–we had no idea where this would lead or how it would turn out, but there was one thing we were sure of: the title was going to be "Humanity."

If you think creating a human group simulation (that's fun to play), as designed by something or someone not human, sounds like a crazy idea—I agree! I'm no transcendental being; I'm just another guy drowning in human society… I can only try to imagine what it would be like. It's not been an easy process, to say the least.

But we kept on developing the idea, hoping to end up with something that, if these other-worldly beings were ever to see it, they'd think "Yep, you nailed it" or "Ah yes, so this is what human beings are like."

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