The Spektrum Glasses Prospek Line Is Light, Effective, And Still Stylish

The Spektrum Glasses Prospek Line Is Light, Effective, And Still Stylish
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Spektrum Glasses make a pretty impressive series of anti-blue light glasses that block up to 50% of blue light, which is fantastic for anyone who works on a computer frequently and for gamers in particular. They aren't the only game glasses company out there — Gunnar are perhaps the best name in town — but Spektrum's Prospek line has a couple advantages.

They come in a  variety of different styles that look much more, well, fashionable than your typical game glasses. They also come as clip-ons for those of us who wear prescription glasses already. They're incredibly light, and they fit my asymmetric face pretty darn well for a pair of glasses I got shipped to me at random. I got a chance to try out the Artist model from their Prospek line of blue light-blocking glasses, and I am pretty damn happy with them.

They fold easily, but the hinges have stayed pretty tight, which is fantastic. Nothing is worse than loosely hinged glasses, let me tell you. They'll fall right off your face the second you look down (I've nearly lost my sunglasses over boats more times than I can count). The Artist model that I was shipped are the lightest frames I've ever worn, and I've been nearsighted for well over a decade now.

Did I mention that they're 100% UVA and UVB blocking? That they come with anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-fog, anti-screen flicker, and finger print resistant coatings? All for under $40 USD?

Yeah. That's pretty sweet. They've also got an electromagnetic ray blocking coating on them, as well, which protects your eyes from cancer-causing irritants.

I'm actually wondering what the hell these glasses don't do.

Oh, right. Play games for you.

They're also pretty cute. The thing I like the most about the Spektrum glasses is that they look like regular old glasses as opposed to the more "gamer" style of Gunnar's line. Shoot me; I have some vanity, okay? And while I probably wouldn't have gone with the Artist model myself, I could actually see me wearing these more often than my Gunnar pair. Because, if I had to do a Skype interview or answer my door while working on my computer, I wouldn't feel the need to take these off first. Except for the slight yellow tint of the glasses, they look pretty damn average.

And there are a ton of styles in Spektrum's Prospek line. You've got Wayfarers, Cateyes, Readers, rectangular Librarian glasses (my personal go-to), and even some brightly colored kids designs.

Actually, I'd probably forget I was wearing these and wander around to my local coffee shop wearing them without realizing. I haven't done it yet, but after wearing them for eight-hour stretches while gaming and working, I've sort of forgotten they're on my face.

While not my style, they don't look half bad, do they?

The Spektrum Glasses Prospek Line Is Light, Effective, And Still Stylish
I call this my "what even is sleep?" look

If you want a more "gamer"-style glasses, the Gunnar's Vertex and Optiks lines might suit your needs a bit better.

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