Star Citizen Raised a Staggering $35 Million in 2017

Star Citizen made an astonishing $35 million in 2017 it's being reported, pushing the game's total crowdfunding to astronomical heights.

As reported by Polygon, the ambitious space game reportedly made $34.91 million in 2017. This is down from the $36.11 million in 2016, but lets not kid ourselves, that is a heck of a lot of money, especially for a video game that isn't even properly out yet. To show off how huge that number is, it's nearly double what Kickstarter raised for every game on its platform last year combined. Polygon report that the Kickstarter games division took in $17.25 million across 700 games.

Star Citizen continues to rise and rise, and accumulatively, the game has raised a staggering $175 million over its time in development. This mostly comes from donations, alongside in-game ships and land that can be bought, meaning it remains truly one of the biggest crowdfunded endeavours ever. It's all made even wilder as until recently, the game was only playable in fits and starts. The recent launch of 3.0 certainly has helped things, effectively bringing the game into an early access state, but as it continues to come together, I'm sure that overall crowdfunded number will continue to grow.