Sub-Zero Will Come To Injustice 2 On July 11th As A DLC Character

Sub-Zero Will Come To Injustice 2 On July 11th As A DLC Character

Ed Boon, head of Nether Realm studios, made an announcement about Injustice 2 today via twitter, as he is want to do. As director of Injustice 2, his twitter feed has been a pretty interesting thing to follow, and today was no exception. Boon announced that Mortal Kombat's mainstay Sub-Zero will be arriving in Injustice 2 as a playable DLC character much like his Kombat nemesis, Scorpion joined the first Injustice game.

Sub-Zero did make an appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us but was not playable. It'll be interesting to see if Nether Realm do a full switch on us and give us Scorpion in Injustice 2 as a non-playable character.

In either case, we'll find out July 11th, when Sub-Zero becomes available for purchase in-game.


Sub-Zero is the first crossover character to hit Injustice 2. NetherRealm also teased that Raiden might make an appearance in a future DLC bundle by posting a seemingly obvious silhouette in the trailer for Fighter Pack 1 which included Red Hood and Starfire.

Those who are very into their Mortal Kombat lore will know that there have been two characters to take on the mantle of Sub-Zero, the first being Bi-Han who was originally killed by Scorpion in the original Mortal Kombat tournament. Bi-Han was then resurrected by Quan Chi as Noob Saibot. The Sub-Zero name was then taken up by Bi-Han's younger brother, Kuai Liang, who took up his brother's code name and swore vengeance against Scorpion.

Most likely, we'll end up with Kuai Liang's Sub-Zero, as he's been our ice cold assassin for decades now.

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