Succumbed To Star Wars Fever: Thanksgiving Weekend BB-8 Review

Star Wars fever is certainly in the air. It's quite difficult to go anywhere without seeing an advertisement or bit of merchandise. A few weeks ago I found myself mulling over the purchase of a BB-8 droid from Sphero. I even wrote an article about it, because I feared that the droid itself lacking the ability to make droid noises would be cute enough to warrant the $150 purchase.

Confession time. I succumbed to Star Wars fever and bought one. It arrived in the mail Tuesday night last week, and ever since then I've been playing with it. At first there was a looming "oh no, I'm going to be sick of this in a few days," but thankfully that didn't happen. In fact, I ended up bringing BB-8 to most of the Thanksgiving gatherings that I attended, showing my family and friends what this little droid was all about.


The drive feature and programmed emotions were a big hit. I even found the hologram messages to be interesting. The one negative that could actually be a pretty big negative if half of my house didn't have hardwood floors…the device doesn't run well on carpet. In fact, it doesn't really run at all. The head will move, but that's about it.

None the less, I'm satisfied with the purchase. Even as BB-8 sits in the charging dock it's a pretty cool thing to display. If you're a Star Wars fan, I'll reenforce Sphero's campaign "this is the droid you're looking for."