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Super Mario Odyssey Dataminer Finds Broodal-Themed Outfits

Super Mario Odyssey Dataminer Finds Broodal-Themed Outfits

Dataminers have gone deep into the code of Super Mario Odyssey and found a series of outfits for the cast that look like the game's Broodal bosses. As Siliconera reports, dataminer SciresM took a peek into the game's update files and found some interesting costumes that have yet to be added to Odyssey.

Those costumes, just based on their descriptions, definitely seem reminiscent of the Broodals.

Here are the hats and costumes, and their description below:

  • Hariet Hat: A hat you should not wear until after thoroughly checking it for explosives.
  • Hariet Suit: An outwardly lovely gown, the interior structure has rotted away and is holding on by a thread.
  • Rango Hat: A near-perfect replica of Rango's hat…except for the awesome saw blades and trampoline capability. Sigh…
  • Rango Suit: A humble outfit that does the job effectively, if not glamorously. Or efficiently. Or smartly. Or even not-dumbly.
  • Spewart Hat: A hat you should definitely wash thoroughly before wearing, given Spewart's…hobbies.
  • Spewart Suit: An outfit that reminds one of school days—of reading, of writing, and of full-body finger painting.
  • Topper Hat: A hat that practically demands to be stacked up on top of identical copies of itself and swung dangerously about.
  • Topper Suit: A cheap knockoff of a fancy, tailored suit. Smells of carrots and broken promises.

The datamine came from the Luigi's Balloon World update files. That update brought several other new costumes to the game, as well as some patches and bug fixes, including a fix for the game's biggest exploit.

While the Broodal costumes are not yet in the game, they could be on their way, and we're pretty excited to see what they'll look like.

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