DOOM VFR Review: Slick, Sweet Satanic Fun

Credit// Bethesda Softworks

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DOOM VFR is an interesting addition to the VR library — mostly because everywhere you turn is pentagrams. And unlike Skyrim VR, DOOM VFR isn't 2015's DOOM reboot just tossed in a VR rig. It is a whole new game built from the ground up for VR. So movement is done via teleports, because teleporting makes much more sense in VR than it does otherwise. You either shoot where you look if you're playing with a Dualshock controller or where you aim with the PlayStation Move wands/gun. And when you want to glory kill an enemy, well, you just teleport into them (which is decided by targeting the pentagram under their feet) and they erupt into a shower of gore.

Credit// Bethesda

You progress pretty quickly through DOOM VFR's levels, which jump you up in levels of various, horrifying alien hellbeasts rather quickly. And nothing says horror quite like the massive demonic behemoths DOOM is capable of creating. The levels are rather small, which keeps you from getting too much whiplash from jerking your head all the way around, and you do get strafing capabilities — but I do recommend leaving those for last-minute dodges.

To facilitate teleporting FPS shenanigans, you do have a time dilation effect for your teleports, which you can extend with augments. Naturally.

Credit// Bethesda

Honestly though, DOOM VFR is just a slick experience all around. It is a short, sweet, Satanic package of guts and gore. And it is one hell of a ride. If you haven't done so already, go pick it up now.

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