Take A Look At Tactical RPG Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs


Developed by Pixelated Milk and published by Klabater, Regalia: of Men and Monarchs is a turnbased tactical RPG in your typical fantasy setting. You play a regular, run-of-the-mill fantasy person, only to find out that you inherited a distant kingdom when your father passes away. Pretty standard RPG fare right?

The new kingdom you find is Ascalia, a country drowning in debt with an empty royal vault and the city in ruins. So if you want to bring glory back to your family's name, you're going to have to get busy. And that's where the tactical aspect comes into play. You'll be ruling using hard work, diplomacy, and occasionally combat to bring your country out of the gutter.

The combat is turn-based and mostly focusing as a strategy engine. So, pretty much exactly like a JRPG. This one's just not particularly Japanese. The design of the environments is pretty nice, even with that chessboard grid laid over it to allow you to plan your movements accordingly. You'll have the usual story and crafting elements along with an orchestral soundtrack composed by Game Audio Factory, who are known for their work on FuriEndless Legend, and Endless Space.

The character and environment designs are the definite selling-points to this game. And with six different regions in Ascalia to explore, you'll get over 30 hours of gameplay out of Regalia which isn't bad. Plus, there's a solid replay value – you won't be able to uncover all of the content in one playthrough. So if replay value and art design are key, this one is definitely worth an closer look.

Regalia will release April 27th, 2017 for Windows, OS X, and Linux. To keep up to date with the game or get more details, feel free to check out the Regalia website here. The announcement trailer is below.

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