The Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Brilliant Stars Part 28: Marnie Returns

Pokémon TCG has released the first set of 2022. The expansion, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, came out on February 25th, 2022. It is the ninth set under the Sword & Shield banner and is the first to include the Pokémon-VSTAR mechanic. VSTARs are a replacement for the VMAX mechanic, which is being phased out of the main portion of the set after this release. Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars also debuts the Trainer Gallery, a special subset of Character Rares, Character Super Rares, Full Art Trainers, and Black & Gold VMAXes that can be pulled in the reverse holo slot. Follow me through a journey through this latest set as we appreciate the artwork, discuss the card's place in the set, and discuss what certain elements of the expansion may imply for the future of the Pokémon TCG. Today, we'll take a look at three of the set's Full Art Trainers, including a character that is a breakout hit.

Brilliant Stars Full Arts. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Brilliant Stars Full Arts. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Kindler Full Art Trainer Supporter: Kindler is a Trainer Class (meaning, a type of Trainer that can be encountered in the game rather than one individual character) that uses Fire-type Pokémon. While some may see this as the worst Full Art pull in the set, I think I'd rather pull this than Barry.
  • Marnie's Pride Full Art Trainer Supporter: A rival character and later the Gym Leader of Spikemuth Gym, Marnie is a major breakout character of the Sword & Shield era. Along with Lillie from Sun & Moon, she is one of the all-time popular Trainers and the value of her cards skyrocketed in the 2021 scalping craze. If this set had been released back then, this card would be extremely sought after. It still remains the top Full Art Trainer to chase in the set.
  • Roseanne's Backup Full Art Trainer Supporter: Roseanne works as an assistant to Professor Rowan, the Pokémon Professor of Sandgem Town in the Sinnoh Region. She is known for her bond with her Dunsparce.

Stay tuned for the continuing journey through Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars. To look back on this series, click the Brilliant Stars tag below. Next time, this journey continues with the Full Art section of the set.

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