Let's Take a Look at The Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Thanos

Thanos is everywhere right now, and today we will be taking a look at a new exclusive available at Disney Stores and Parks. The Marvel Select Thanos figure is one that probably should have been released as a non-exclusive, but that is not what Diamond Select Toys decided to do, so here we are. Thanos figures will always be in high demand, and that was before this weekend and he became a household name. I had a whale of a time tracking one down, until they finally put this bad boy up for order on the Disney Shop. He came in the mail, and now we can take a look!

The usual packaging greats you, and like all marvel Selects I have ever purchased, a limb is messed up on the blister card. DST really need to get this under control, this is four straight figures this has happened to me with. While I appreciate the huge box, it is wholly unnecessary. It could easily be 40% smaller. That has always been my biggest gripe with not only them, but all toy companies. make the damn box smaller!

Once released from his plastic prison, the first thing you notice is the incredible paint job on Thanos. Every intricate detail on his body and armor is perfect. Except one. Can someone please explain to me why nobody paints the Infinity Stones in the same spots on the Gauntlet? It really annoys me. Besides that, the figure is incredibly stiff out of the package. I thought I broke him multiple times trying to move the limbs. The armor being attached the way it is and where it is limit his poseability arm and chest-wise, but the legs are fine. The two head sculpts are better than pics can convey as well. This shade of purple actually matches the film version much better than the Legends build a figure. The eyes are ever so slightly painted red, but it is really tough to see. The highly detailed heads are pretty great though, every wrinkle looks great and adds character.

Comparing him to the two recent Marvel Legends figures, they all cobble together some how to form the ultimate Thanos. The body on this Select figure is amazing, the helmet-less head sculpt is my favorite of the three, but the Gauntlet on the build a figure looks the best. The eyes on the comic Legends figure are the best, but for posing the build a figure is head and shoulders above the other two. I tried to pop the helmet-less head on the build a figure but they have different pegs. The baf head looks cool on the Select body, but it does not fit either sadly.

If you are a Thanos collector, or Marvel Select collector, I would say this is worth picking up. The body alone is great, and enough to tip the scales. The head sculpts and general stiffness of the figure in spots knock it down a few notches, but not enough to leave it if you see it. You can order one for yourself right here.

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