The Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon – Crimson Invasion Part 4

Bleeding Cool's journey through the Sun & Moon era of the Pokémon TCG continues. After our spotlight series breaking down the first three sets of this block (Sun & Moon base, Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows) ended up skipping ahead to the fifth Sun & Moon-era set, Ultra Prism, I'm setting things right by making a trip back to the fourth set from this era. Sun & Moon – Crimson Invasion was released on November 3rd, 2017 and introduced Ultra Beast GXs to the hobby. This was an alternate kind of GX and Full Art that used red coloring to spotlight the Ultra Beasts introduced along with the region of Alola. Crismon Invasion is largely thought to be the least popular set of Sun & Moon era, so let's determine for ourselves if the set is underrated or if it deserves the lack of love from Pokémon TCG fans. Now, we continue with the main portion of the set.

The Cards of Sun & Moon – Crimson Invasion. Credit: Pokémon TCG
The Cards of Sun & Moon – Crimson Invasion. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • Chimecho: It could be the dazzlingly happy smile on Chimecho's face. It could be the simple but brilliant design of the Pokémon. It could be the touching arc that Team Rocket's James goes through in the anime. There's just something about Chimecho that makes me absolutely love this Pokémon. This card captures Chimecho's charm well, but if you ask me, every Chimecho card should be a holo. It deserves no less.
  • Nihilego GX: Now, we have the full Ultra Beast GX of the set and of the entire Pokémon TCG. Note that standard GX cards use a blue tone while Ultra Beast GXs which depict, huge surprise here, Ultra Beast Pokémon use a red tone. This will extend to Full Arts in an even more impactful way, but we'll talk about that down the line. I think this spooky, glowing Nihilego GX is the best Ultra Beast GX of Crimson Invasion by a mile.
  • Primeape: Whenever a clay sculpture by the peerless Yuka Morii is included in a set, that set is better for it. For those looking to make binders dedicated to a single artist, you can't get much more unique than Morii.

Next time, the spotlight on Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon – Crimson Invasion concludes a final review of the set. To follow this series, click the Crimson Invasion tag below.

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