"The Horror Out Of Hagsjaw" Funded on Indiegogo – RPGs

With a mere eighteen hours left to get on board, the Indiegogo campaign for the Necromancer Games RPG campaign adventure called The Horror At Hacksjaw has been funded many times over, at a whopping 831%.

"The Horror Out Of Hagsjaw" Funded - RPGs
Source: Indiegogo

This 5th-10th-level adventure module is purportedly geared towards games of PathfinderDungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition), and other Sword and Sorcery-type settings. It is written by Levi Combs, author of An Occurrence at Howling Crater, and Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride.

"The Horror Out Of Hagsjaw" Funded - RPGs
Source: Necromancer Games (Indiegogo)

According to sources, the most backers backed at the $16 level, opting to get ahold of the PDF file and printed book alike.

The premise blurb is as such:

Travelers have long considered Hagsjaw a place best avoided, haunted by whispered tales of witches and strange doings in the old days. Once terrorized by a wretched coven of witches known as the Karnley Hags, the town was held in a grip of fear that saw its citizens oppressed, its children stolen and anyone who dared oppose them viscously murdered. Though the witches were eventually overthrown and hung in the town square, they muttered a unified curse with their last breaths, promising nothing less than misery and doom for all who remained.

That was a century ago, and now Hagsjaw is little more than a forgotten watering hole on the way to bigger and better places. Time has not treated the decaying town or it's folk kindly, as it seems to die out more and more as each generation passes. The farms at the edge of town are empty of cattle and crop, the town's buildings are crumbling and even the sagging roofs of the abandoned, twin steeple church don't look like they'll hold up much longer. There's little left to suggest that the town hadn't withered away completely… until recently.

To everyone's surprise, Hagsjaw seems to be awakening from its century-long slumber. The old sawmill has fired back up again and the townsfolk have inexplicably started to go back out into the forests to log, hunt and trap. Talk of renewed industry is circulating and some say that the town's cursed days might finally be over.

For all this talk of prosperity, a sinister undertone ripples throughout the town. The locals remain more suspicious than ever and many whisper that the Karnley Hags have returned to make good on their promise to bring their ageless curse of doom full circle. Folk have begun to act strangely. Some have even turned on each other. Paranoia and mistrust run rampant. Has witchery and the depraved worship of strange old gods returned to the land? Do the whispers of ancient curses ring true? What nameless dread has spread its wings over the terrified folk of Hagsjaw?

Can the characters uncover what lies beneath the surface and, if so, will they survive it?

As of writing, this crowdfunding campaign will be ending in about eighteen hours but is firmly funded so as to be popular enough that you might want to get your hands on this role-playing game module.

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