The King Of Fighters XV Reveals First Two DLC Teams

SNK has revealed their first planned DLC for The King Of Fighters XV, as they will have two more teams eventually joining the fray. The first of the two teams will be Team Garou which is comprised of Rock Howard, B. Jenet, and Gato from the fighter game Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. The second team will be a Fatal Fury crossover as you're getting Team South Town comprised of Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and Ryuji Tamakazi. Both DLC packs are going to run you a pretty penny if you want them as they are both individually priced at $16, or $30 for both in one. You can check out a trailer for Team Garou down below as the game is still set for release on February 17th, 2022.

Promotional artwork for The King Of Fighters XV, courtesy of SNK.
Promotional artwork for The King Of Fighters XV, courtesy of SNK.


Though he's the son of the fearsome Geese Howard, this young fighter with a complicated past was raised by Terry Bogard. A virtual prodigy when it comes to fighting, Rock has learned to utilize fighting styles passed down from both his father and stepfather. B. Jenet convinces him to join Team Garou this KOF. (Voiced by Yuma Uchida)


This cold and calculated master-class fighter always strays away from the pack. He set out for vengeance after his mother died at the hands of his father. Though he wishes to go his own way, B. Jenet was able to convince him to join the team as she has some info on his father's whereabouts.


The leader of a band of pirates known as the Lillien Knights, B. Jenet has traveled the world far and wide. Daughter of the Behrn family, an influential international cartel, she became bored of her luxurious but tedious life and ran away to form the Lillien Knights. After the tumultuous events of the previous KOF, B. Jenet has her suspicions that the worst is not over yet and sets her sights on joining this KOF to see what's in store.

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