The Terminator Joins Contra Returns For A Special Event

Konami revealed a new event kicking off today in Contra Returns as players have a chance to play with The Terminator. This event brings in the classic T-800 from the film series along with a few other surprises as you're getting a brand new 2v2 PVP mode, a new 2 player Skynet Boss Challenge that will keep you busy, 4 new skins added to the bunch which includes the "Metal Cop" T-1000 Terminator and the nightmare fuel that is the classic metallic Skynet Terminator, and three new weapons to round out the insanity. We have more info on it below but the event will be running from now until November 2nd.

He said he'd be back, we just didn't expect it in Contra Returns! Courtesy of Konami.
He said he'd be back, we just didn't expect it in Contra Returns! Courtesy of Konami.

We've seen you evolve into a force to be reckoned with as you bolster your Legion brigades and conquer endless enemy forces. The uprising resistance has begun against the new growing threats, unlike any you've faced before. Are you ready to watch the ricochet bullets fly as you reignite the fight for the future? Equip your darkest shades, steady your aim, and take your shot at epic prizes – including the new Terminator hero! For this challenge, we're asking everyone to tell your piece of the Team Uprising story for your chance to win prize packs full of supplies to help you in your fight.

  • PvP Mode 2v2 Conquer Battlefield in Battle Mode: Ready your arsenal and join your strongest ally to catch your best duo moments in the new 2v2 Battlefield.

  • PvE Mode Story Mode (Terminator) Renegade Rampage: Flex your feats in the new story mode – taking on foes with 3,000 reasons to kill you with screenshots or clips of your best moments from this mode in the fight to defeat T-900.

  • Terminator Hero guides or screenshots/clips Warrior Wisdom: Help your fellow warriors fight back by sharing your strategy guides for how to dominate with the Terminator hero.

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