TMNT Gets New Monster Mash Up Figures In Time For Halloween

TMNT has been running for awhile now on Nickelodeon and there will be a new four episode arc this fall called "Monsters and Mutants". In the episodes, Turtles villain Savanti Romero releases versions of the classic monsters to run amok in the city and only our heroes in a half shell can stop them. The best part about the episodes? They made action figures!

TMNT Gets New Monster Mash Up Figures In Time For Halloween

How cool are these? I have the TMNT mash-up figures with the WWE Superstars and love them. This whole line since the show started has been pretty awesome come to think of it. It also saw an injection of cool this year with the release of the Usagi Yojimbo figures based on his appearance on the show.

The full line of TMNT Monster Mash-Up figures:

  • Monster Hunter Leo (comes with a pair of daggers and his signature katanas)
  • Monster Hunter Raph (comes fully disguised, with a detachable machine gun)
  • Mutant Mummy Leo (comes with a sword and a deadly golden cobra)
  • Werewolf Mikey (comes with a set of bone nunchuks and a slice of pizza)
  • Frankendon (Monstrously mutated Frankendon comes with a bo staff)
  • Vampire Raph (Mutated into a vampire, Raph comes fanged and cloaked, with a dagger, a sai, and a vampire bat buddy)

Personally, I wish Donnie had been the werewolf. He is my favorite Turtle and Wolfman is my favorite monster, so that would have been cool. But I am not complaining. All of these have great looking sculpts and come with plenty of accessories as well. Both of the Raph's look awesome and seem to be the standouts here, especially the Vampire Raph.

These are popping up now in stores like Target, Walmart, Toys R US; pretty much anywhere where you would normally find the TMNT Playmates line.

And be sure to watch the episodes on Nickelodeon starting September 27th.

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