Tonight Is Cresselia Raid Hour #2 In Pokémon GO: November 2021

Tonight is the second and final of November's Cresselia Raid Hours is happening in Pokémon GO. This moon-themed Legendary will appear tonight with increased frequency in Tier Five Raids from 6 PM – 7 PM local time. Cresselia is set to leave Tier Five raids at the end of this Season of gameplay with the next raid rotation beginning next Tuesday, just in time for a new feature for next week's Raid Hour.  Let's take a look at some of Bleeding Cool's top Raid Hour tips to help those looking to play tonight.

Cresselia in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Cresselia in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
  • Know your counters: Cresselia is not an easy win! This is a Defense-heavy Pokémon that you will have to approach with a well-prepared team of players using the correct counters. I have been dismayed multiple times to enter into raid lobbies of high-level trainers, only to see ineffectual counters when the raid began. This kind of thing can lead to relobbying or even, in the event of invites, the loss of a raid pass. You can learn the top counters below.
  • Top Mega Pokémon to evolve against Cresselia: Keep in mind, you can only use ONE!
    • Mega Gengar (Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball)
    • Mega Houndoom (Snarl, Foul Play)
    • Mega Absol (Snarl, Dark Pulse)
    • Mega Gyarados (Bite, Crunch)
  • Top Shadow Pokémon to use:
    • Shadow Weavile (Snarl, Foul Play)
    • Shadow Mewtwo (Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball)
    • Shadow Tyranitar (Bite, Crunch)
    • Shadow Houndoom (Snarl, Foul Play)
  • Top standard Pokémon:
    • Chandelure (Hex, Shadow Ball)
    • Darkrai (Snarl, Dark Pulse)
    • Hoopa (Astonish, Shadow Ball)
    • Giratina Origin-forme (Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball)
    • Gengar (Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball)
    • Yveltal (Snarl, Dark Pulse)
    • Weavile (Snarl, Foul Play)
    • Mewtwo (Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball)
    • Hydreigon (Bite, Dark Pulse)
    • Houndoom (Snarl, Foul Play)
    • Tyranitar (Bite, Crunch)
    • Zarude (Bite, Dark Pulse)
  • Avoid losing your raid pass: Another tip that you can use to avoid losing your raid pass on invites is to scope the levels of the players and the number of players in the lobby. Four level 40+ accounts? Solid chance! Six level 20s, 30s? I'd think twice.

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