Touhou DollDraft Will Be Released On Steam This June

Publisher Why So Serious? and developer MillionDoubts announced this morning that Touhou DollDraft is coming to Steam this June. The game is a bit of an oddity to come out of nowhere to an extent as it has been teased for a while and rumored to come out in the Spring. But up until now, it didn't look like the company really had an idea of what they were going to do with the game. In fact, there aren't even any real trailers from the company for this title, we had to go find a demo video (which you can check out below) to see any footage of it. But now it seems like they got their act in gear and have a Summer release in mind. Beyond that and the little bit of info we have for you below, the company didn't go into a ton of detail about your experience in the game, either. It appears they will also be foregoing the Early Access system and going for a full release whenever it does come out. Until that happens, enjoy the demo video we have for you here as we wait for more details to come out.

You play as small dolls of yourself? Yeah... that doesn't seem creepy at all. Courtesy of Why So Serious?
You play as small dolls of yourself? Yeah… that doesn't seem creepy at all. Courtesy of Why So Serious?

 Suddenly finding herself far away from her native Gensokyo, lost in a world similar to that of Alice in Wonderland, in order to return to her world "Alice" must fight in a mysterious game known as the "Doll Draft" in which she must take control of puppets… In Touhou DollDraft, you form teams comprising "dollified" Touhou Project characters and send them into battle against each other. Characters can be made stronger by gathering characters from the same group together, or by putting characters who have special feelings for one another on the same team. Can be played by up to four players online.

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