Check Out These Gears Of War 4 Screens To See What's Up With The New Game

Gears of War 4 has been very loud all the sudden, thanks to the game featuring in the next issue of GameInformer. We've learnt about the characters we will go on this new journey with, but here is some new stuff to get your peepers on.
These new pictures have been released and the show off a bunch of cool new things on coming to the franchise. The new enemy, the Juvie is the most striking (well, perhaps besides the lightning strikes), a strange and melting husk that is really quite gnarly. We've not seen much of its kind in the previous games, so it makes for an interesting point of comparison for where this game is headed.
There is more to gawk at though, so feast your eyes on these beauties.
render_juvie_closeup610 screenshot_environment_church_interior_final610 gameplay_storm_wall_final610 gameplay_vault_final610