Cliff Bleszinski And Boss Key's New Game Is Called LawBreakers

So here we go. We'd been teased about the reveal of Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski's new game all week, and finally it has been revealed.

The game is called LawBreakers and it's an online multiplayer game, set in the world where the moon was destroyed, thus playing havoc with the earth. It seems stuff didn't go so great, and people started doing all kinds of crime to take advantage. It's a multiplayer focused FPS so I can't wait to see how it works.

Check out the trailer here to get some backstory:

Here is a description from BossKey describing it:

LawBreakers is a competitive team-based FPS set in an alternate future in which the world has been divided into two factions  following a huge cataclysmic event known as 'The Shattering' that changed gravity forever. Afterward, the world recovered and ushered in a new age technological advancements providing gravity manipulation and supplement use that grants near-superhuman abilities.  Now, the new technology rages and two forces fight for control; a peacekeeping organization charged with upholding the law, and a highly-organized crime syndicate bent on breaking it. Players will be asked to choose a side – it's LAW versus BREAKERS.

Some people seem rather ticked off at the name and the fact we haven't gotten any gameplay footage yet, but I expect that in time. 'Cliffy B' is a smart designer and I expect great things from the game. We will see how this pans out going forward.