EA Say They Don't Know If There Will Be A Need For Speed In 2016

needforspeedNeed for Speed is back after taking a year off in 2014. The game has been partially rebooted too, returning the series back to a more Need for Speed: Underground vibe.

But after this next one is out, what does that mean for 2016? Is the series about to get annualised once again? According to EA's Peter Moore in an interview with MCV, that's unclear. He said:

 I don't know if it will be, it's an interesting question. We will see how this game goes. You can only bring it out annually if you can come up with real fresh ideas. It is the same thing we've been going through with golf. It is golf… is there enough innovation and creativity that you can go in there with and do something different every year?

I have a feeling we will see the franchise once every 2 years, in order to give Ghost Games ample time to work on each title. Or at least, that is what I hope for. Just a little bit of time to feel the franchise's absence could go a long way. .