Lawbreakers Gets A Gameplay Trailer Showing Off Multiplayer Arena Fight

On Wednesday, Boss Key and Cliff Bleszinski announced their new IP LawBreakers. The announcement trailer didn't give us a great idea of what to expect out of the franchise, but it did a lot of world building, letting us know about the lore.

That has all changed now though, as this new gameplay trailer has been released showing off what the game will actually look like, and I have to say, I'm getting an Unreal Tournament vibe from this. Using set characters, you'll be charged with running around an arena in the trappings of an FPS multiplayer game. It's nothing revolutionary, but it looks rad. I have to say, I'm intrigued. Take a look:

While the Overwatch comparison is obviously going to be made, I think this game was in production long before that game was announced. They seem tonally completely different too. Count me in for both.