RealTalk: Can We Just be Done With Fortnite?

RealTalk: Can We Just be Done With Fortnite?
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I've enjoyed Fortnite as much as anyone, and I have greatly enjoyed the small bits of story woven throughout the background of the game's battle royale map, but honestly? I'm tired. Every time the buff weapons, nerf items, add abilities, or nuke a section of the map, I just heave a sigh and wonder if I can even muster enough energy to care. Fortnite will crash all prior Twitch concurrent records and I page away.

I have Fortnite Fatigue and I've decided to be unapologetic about it.

Sure, I will always give Epic Games credit for making an absolute firestorm of a game, but its been over a year of Fortnite hysteria and the hype just keeps going. Yet, its objectively a bad game. Fortnite is a terrible shooter, when you get down to the details. Sure, the building mechanics are unique and better than ever, but outside of that novelty factor, very little about Fortnite is groundbreaking. However the skill gap is enormous with an oblique difficulty curve.

Add on the year of hype for the game, and there's very little about the game that's enjoyable. At least, for a casual fan. And yet, al you ever hear is praise.

At some point every supermassive game becomes stale, and I've hit my boiling point.

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