Worst Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays

While there are certain games that are immediately family friendly and great at keeping kids entertained, there are also games you just do not want to break out after stuffing yourself with tryptophan. We've already talked about the best games to play with your family, so now its time to talk about the absolute worst games you could ever pick to play with a mixed crowd.

The mother of all games to not ever play with your mother is Cards Against Humanity. Come on, you knew this was going to top the list. Cards Against Humanity essentially forces you to be the worst version of yourself possible. And that's a great bonding experience with friends. But do you honestly want to sit there and explain to your 80 year-old mother-in-law what smegma is? The only thing worse would be knowing that SHE ALREADY KNOWS. Either way, Cards Against Humanity will give you that answer. And you will not like it. Trust me.


UNO is capable of ruining friendships, relationships, and even bonds between twins. So clearly, you'll want to leave this one out unless you want your holiday party to end fast. Between all the skips, draw twos, and color changes, UNO tends to force groups to devolve real quick. The weakest family link always gets ganged up on first, before the survivors turn on each other. It's a great game if you ever want to figure out how your family would handle mob rule, but unless you're planning to strand everyone who shares your blood on a deserted island just to watch them fall apart Lord of the Flies style. Otherwise? Not so much.

The United Kingdom's Royal Family reportedly can't play Monopoly, which should be a good indication that its not a great family game. Monopoly is basically "Captialism the Board Game" and is about as fun as that sounds. Add in the in-fighting, the innate distrust of whoever is playing the bank, and the built-in assumption that one player is going to buy out everyone else at the table by the end of the game, and it's just not a crowd pleaser. Leave it as a last resort and hope you never make it far enough for the fighting to break out.

For those people who are good at Trivial Pursuit, this one is going to be a bit painful to see. However, not everyone is an expert on state capitals, bizarre but real laws, or the fauna of the Amazon Rainforest. So while your trivia knowledge might make you an ace at your bar's trivia night, it's probably best not to subject your family to it. They really hate it when you break out a game you know they're terrible at. And, let's be real, that's the only reason why you'd ever take out Trivial Pursuit.

One thing you never want to do is give your family knowledge of how good you are at lying. They will never trust you again. And as you might have guessed, Liar's Dice is a game where you sit around staring at dice and lying your pants off until someone calls you on it. It's a game of probability, bluffing, and sheer dumb luck. Which makes it serious fun. But not great for the family. Unless you have that kind of family.

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